Daringbadi – The Kashmir Of Odisha. A Hidden Unspoilt Gem.

I was on an epic journey by road from Tamilnadu to Kolkata. And so odisha was on also on my list of that journey.

I took a bus from Vishakapatnam(AP) to reach Bhubaneshwar(OD). And it was my very first in this state. Though i’m from Bengal(Kolkata) which means Puri the 2nd home for all bengalis but i was not that lucky to roam with my families during my childhood.

Anyway i reached BBSR and my plan was to mainly explore the hidden destinations of India & to promote it for tourism. I was in Bermunda Bus Stn in BBSR & came to know that there is only two buses which plies to Daringbadi daily. So booked my ticket instantly which costs me Rs-250 the ticket conductor told me to come at 20:00hrs sharp. I nodded.

I checked my mobile and it was just 10:30hrs so i boarded a local bus and reached Puri. Puri is one of the most sacred & religious place in India. It is also one of the Char Dham Of India.

Puri is famous for its pristine beaches & Jagannath Temple. I some how managed the long queue and entered the temple premises and did the darshan quickly and then walked to the beach which is just of 1min & enjoyed the local odisha thali(meal) and sat for some time.

Around 15:00hrs i boarded a bus & back to BBSR around almost 18:00hrs as its stops everywhere to take passengers.

Now i’m excited & ready to board my bus which will take me to the only hill station of Odisha – Daringbadi. The bus left BBSR at 20:00hrs & due to the whole day tiredness i slept within no time.

It was 04:30-05:00hrs when i woke up and it was cold outside suddenly i realised. The road looks amazing as it was covered with big trees both the sides. Around 06:00hrs it reached the last stop & how chilly morning it was i still remember.

I asked the bus driver if they can assist me with budget stay option and he shown me a guest house but it was locked at this point of time. So the bus driver along with the conductor told me to come with him as he knocked that guest house person by his name & and thats gives an amazing feeling for a travellers know😊.

The guest house person shown me a room and i generally dnt bother much about any room so it was ok for me. When asked for the room tariff he told me to relax first and dnt worry about the fare🙄. I thanked the bus driver and asked him the time for the BBSR bus for today evening and he told me at 18:30hrs.

Daringbadi – The Kashmir of Odisha is the one & only hill stn surround by lush green sal forests. It is located with an altitude of 950mtrs. Also i came to know that during peak winter time this place receives snowfall & thats why the name of Kashmir came here. This area is full of Kandh Tribal population.

The owner asked me for a tea and yes i was also looking for that. During our conversation i asked him what are the places to see here and he told he will arrange a auto for the same.

The place will give a feeling of a predominant tribal feeling where snacks in near by shops was serving in leaves and no plastics or plates. The hot jalebis & samosas are just mouthwatering or may be that leaves which is actually adding flavours to it but it was all together awesome.

Here one can feel that time was stopped and it was 11:00hrs when my auto came for my sightseeing. So the places in & around Daringbadi is :-

1.Hill View Park – There is a watch tower from where one can enjoy the view of endless hills & beautiful valleys & the pine forests from its cradle. The fountain & the garden add colour to it. I spent my afternoon here.

2.Coffee Garden – This is an another main attraction of Daringbadi. One can see coffee seeds plantations as well with the help of local persons there.

3.Dadubada – Also known as Lovers’s Point. A little far from the main town but one can met many local tribals over there also i tried a couple of local hand made spirit there. There are a few natural cave formations in its vicinity. The place is surrounded with dense green forests & the river flows with a gush over rocks.

4.EMU Farm – It is a private farm with a big flock of Emu birds

5.Mdiubanda Waterfall – It is located deep inside the forest with breath taking splendor on the way toBamunigam.

And my trip was over & paid Rs-300 to that Auto driver and he was happy with it. He dropped me to my guest house. Before that i went to the bus stn and booked my seat for BBSR.

I stayed at Badachandra Nivas (Near the bus stn) at Rs-300/-.

I boarded my bus to BBSR and bids adieu to this unexplored destination of Odisha. Really i was amazed with the hospitality of tribal peoples here and wish to go back to this place soon😊.


Julley!! How to plan Spiti trip by Public Transports.(My personal experiance)

Spiti the land of moon, high terrains & barren lands!! Also known as the “Middle land of India”. Before my trip i was in a dillemma that how i can cover whole Spiti valley as the tour & travel agencies provided me the costs of 35- 50k depending on number of days. And then i contacted one of my friends who works with Himachal Parivahan Nigam (HRTC public transport) & he told me that i can able to do the entire Spiti circuit by taking HP Public Bus service easily.

Julley from the middleland of India #Spiti

Note– I covered my Spiti trip mostly based on Hitchhike for 11 days starting from Shimla & ending at Manali.

But to gather this public transport informations i went to all the near by bus station& few times to the bus conductors/drivers to jot down the timings & fares so that it wud be easy for my other co-nomad travellers to d this trip on a shoe string budget.

Places covered- ShimlaNarkandaRampurSarahanSanglaChitkulReckong PeoKalpaNakoTaboDhankarKazaKey & Kibber VillageLangza,Hikkim & Komic VillageMud Village(Pin Valley)-LosarBattalChandratalManali

Without wasting your valuable time i’ll jot down every possible bus timings along with fares below.

Note– The bus journey over here is not for those who looks for comfortable seats & reaching the destinations on time always.

Suggestion– Its always better to start from Shimla and end at Manali. It helps you body to get proper accimilization.

Suggestion– So if starting from Shimla then prefer taking a joy full ride of KalkaShimla Toy Train at Rs50 instead of taking bus from Delhi which will cost u more. One need to reach Kalka Station before 09:00am to catch this train. It takes minimum 6hrs to reach Shimla.

View from Shimla highway
  • Stay that night at Shimla

Next day start early morning from Shimla to Lakkar Bazar bus stand which is 5kms and the private bus will take Rs5.

From Lakkar Bazar you’ll easily get the bus for Narkanda at Rs95 & it’ll take 4hrs to reach.

In Narkanda one can trek 10kms to Hatu Peak to see the glimpese of Himalayas. Note- No bus plies here!! But you can either trek or hitch-hike & come back by 15:00hrs.

Now from Narkanda board a bus for Rampur at Rs100 which will take another 3hrs to reach.

  • Stay that night at Rampur

Note– If you dnt like to trek for Hatu Peak then you can skip this and board a direct bus from Lakkar Bazar for Rampur.

Narkanda Vlog– https://youtu.be/m6BdZbAEVe8

Note– One can also board direct bus from Lakkar Bazar to Reckong Peo if one wanna skip Sangla & Chitkul also.

So hope i’ve mentioned you all the options to reach Rampur & Reckong Peo the same day who have less time in hand & only keen to explore Spiti only. 

Sarahan is little hamlet with apple farms & famous for its Bheemkali Temple.

Start early morning from Rampur bus stand for Sarahan via Raikhada or Jeory. Board a bus till Raikhada or Jeory if Sarahan is not available that time at Rs50.

From Raikhada one’ll get sharing taxi for Sarahan at Rs20. (If you dnt get direct bus from Rampur to Sarahan, then need to break your journey as i mentioned above for reaching quickly).

Aftet visit take a sharing taxi or bus from Sarahan or Raikhada and reach Jeory at Rs20

Note– Wait for your Sangla or Chitkul bus at Jeory. Try to reach Jeory before 13:00hrs to catch the last bus for Sangla or Chitkul.

Note– One can also try to reach till Kharcham Wangtoo Dam from Jeory to save more time. From this dam one will get more option for reaching Sangla & Chitkul.

Board a bus from Jeory till Sangla at Rs120. If one dnt get Chitkul bus take Sangla bus as Sangla bus is easily avaliable & it is the main bus & taxi stand for Chitkul.

If you reach Sangla by 17:00hrs then try to reach Chitkul which is 40kms by taking share taxi or hitch-hike. If you are lucky then you’ll get the SanglaChitkul bus also except sunday.

I actually hitch-hiked here by BRO vehicles. But as i enquired the sharing taxi from Sangla to Chitkul costs Rs50100/head but the cab need to be full. Or else you have two options either hitch-hike or stay that night at Sangla. 

All the KinnaurKailash mountain ranges can be seen from here clearly.

Suggestion– Prefer to stay that night at Ricksham (9kms before Chitkul) or at Chitkul village only instead of Sangla. As i believe staying at the last Indian village will surely boost up one’s adrenaline😊. Dnt forget to woke up at late night to see zillion of stars💥 in the sky.

Chitkul Vlog– https://youtu.be/oVc-9KHnzX8

As per last night stay destination (Sangla/Ricksham/Chitkul) start early morning for Chitkul Border. From Chitkul village to border is 4kms. So you can walk also in the early motning. The last border between India- Tibet (China). Meet the ITBP soldiers and start from Chitkul for Sangla bus stand by taking share taxi or Public bus at Rs50100.

Board your bus from Sangla till Reckong Peo at Rs65. It’ll take 3hrs to reach.

Suggestion– One can also break the journey to see the confluence of River Baspa & River Satluj at Kharcham Wangtoo Dam. Take any bus from Sangla that goes to Reckong Peo & get down at Kharcham Dam at Rs31

Now wait at Kharcham Dam to get your bus for Reckong Peo which is easily available. It will take another 1.30hrs to reach R.Peo. The cost of the bus from K.Dam to R.Peo is Rs34.

Note– One can also get direct bus from K.Dam till Kalpa vai R.Peo but dnt take ticket till Kalpa as the bus will halt for an hout at R.Peo bus stand which will waste yout travel time.

After reaching R.Peo came out of the bus stand & board a private bus for Kalpa at Rs15.

Note- There are not many hotels at Kalpa and the rates are also very expensive unless you are in group of 2-3 persons depending on budget.

Suggestion– There are 2-3 home stays too if possible stay that night at Kalpa or came back to R.Peo & stay here.

All the KinnaurKailash mountain ranges can be seem from here. Kalpa is situated uphill from R.Peo so better views of the himalayas will get from Kalpa only.

  • Stay anywhere depending on your budget at Kalpa or R.Peo that night.

Next day catch the 09:00am bus from R.Peo to Nako. Do the prior booking of this bus from the R.Peo bus stand by 08:30am at Rs168. It’ll take 7-8hrs to reach, also be ready for road block as BRO is making double lane on this road after you cross Spillow till Pooh.

Spiti Vlog– R.Peo to Nako vlog- https://youtu.be/jPhkPfwnqvk 

NoteIndian travellers need to show their cab/bike permits & foreigners need to show their permit & Passport at Akpa checkpost while travelling on this way.

Note– After you cross Pooh & Dumling focus on your left hand side to see the small board meantion” You are travelling on the worlds most treacherous road” & just after that you’ll reach Khab bridge where you’ll be able to see the confluence of River Spiti for the 1st time & River Satluj.

This board says it all!!

Suggestion– If you reach this Dumling bridge by afternoon then you can get down here to take selfie with this board & to see the confluence of this two rivers. But you have then only two options to reach Nako either hitch-hike or wait for the last bus that departs from R.Peo the same day at 11:00hrs.

  • Stay that night at Nako

One can also stay for more than one night here to rest a little bit. Its a beautiful place to make it as a buffer day. The first Spitian civilization is here though Nako is in Kinnaur region but still the peoples over here lead a Spitian life

SuggestionNako is famous for its Lake & Monastery. Also the transhimalayan ranges can be seen clearly from here. Dnt miss the sunset here and one can see zillions of stars in the sky. Also one can walk 2kms to see the Malling Monastery from the main road towards Sumdo highway.

View of Tabo Village

Note– If some one wants to go back to R.Peo then need to catch the 08:00am bus from Nako. It departs early morning from Tabo.Note– For going forward towards Geu & Tabo one need to catch the bus around afternoon. As the same bus departs from R.Peo at 09:00am by which one came to Nako last day.

Note-The distance between Nako to Tabo is 70kms. There is two option to start from Nako either by hitch-hike till Chango/ Sumdo (Border of Kinnaur & Spiti)/ Geu/ Tabo or wait till aftetnoon to catch the bus for Tabo via Geu.

I started around 08:00am from Nako & hitch-hiked and reached Geu around 11:00hrs via Chango & Sumdo.

So board your bus from Nako to Geu Nalla at RsBelow 100 & once cross Sumdo (The border check post of Kinnaur & Spiti) head more 56kms and drop down at Geu Nalla. There is a buddhist structure gate at Geu Nalla and from there one need to go to Geu Monastery & famous Geu Mummy.

NoteGeu Mummy is a naturally preserved mummy. It is 550yrs old found by ITBP rescue team during 1975 Spiti earthquake. Surprisingly it still has hair, teeth & nails.

Geu Mummy

Suggestion-No buses plies for Geu so only option is to trek next 10kms or hitch-hike till the Geu Monastery & Mummy.

Once done come back to the same place Geu Nalla from where you started & wait for your bus for Tabo. Its more 35kms so can hitch-hike also.

At around 15:00hrs you’ll get one bus from Geu Nalla to Tabo. Board it at RsBelow 100.

  • Stay that night at Tabo

(Also check my blog on budgeted staying option in Spiti- https://pritampandittravelblogger.wordpress.com/2017/07/04/extreme-budgeted-home-stays-for-spiti-trip/ )

SuggestionTabo is famous for its most ancient monastery almost 1020yrs old. Also known as the Ajanta of Himalayas. Opposite the main highway road there are some natural caves which are worth watching. Also one can go near by the Spiti river bank from the Tabo helipad trail road & can chill there.

Tabo vloghttps://youtu.be/RvN3_hr_yf4
Bus to Schichiling (Dhankar Welcome Gate) reach Tabo at around 16:00hrs. So you have the full day time to explore Tabo and near by places as i mentioned. Wait near the main highway near the welcome gate of Tabo and board yout bus at 16:00hrs from Tabo to Schichiling (Dhankar Welcome Gate) at RsBelow 100.

From Schichiling you have two options either hitch-hike or walk 12kms uphill for Dhankar Monastery.

View of Dhankar Village

  • Stay that night at Dhankar

Note-Once Dhankar was the capital of Spiti. It is famous for it Dhankar Lake, Old Monastery & Fort. Also one can see zillion of stars in the sky at mid-night.

Suggestion– Trek early morning 4kms from Dhankar New Monastery for Dhankar Lake.

Dhankar vlog– https://youtu.be/Oh3grdKYbp4

After exploring Dhankar need to come back to Schichiling highway by hith-hike or walk.

Now from here you have two options either take bus till Attargu (15kms) – the gateway for Pin Valley for exploring Pin Valley (Mudh Village) or reach Kaza (25kms).

Note– You can also take afternoon bus at 16:00hrs from Kaza bus stand for reaching Mudh Village which departs from Mudh for Kaza the next day at 07:00hrs everyday which cost Rs-84/ way.

Note– The distance from Schichiling to Kaza is 25kms & Attargu is 15kms. From Attargu to Mudh Village is another 34kms.

Once you decided your destination for the day board your bus from Schichiling & reach. The cost of the bus to both this destination is RsBelow 100.

I will prefer reaching Kaza first due to availability of only one bus to Mudh Village. So here i’ll talk about Kaza first. Board your bus from Schichiling at around 16:30hrs for Kaza.

  • Stay that night at Kaza or Langza or Key or Kibber

Suggestion– Except Kaza Monastery & Market there is nothing much in Kaza. Dnt miss the Kaza Petrol Pump which is World Highest. Very much commercialised so try to stay either at Key, Kibber or Langza, Komic.

View of Langza Village

Note-In every travelogues related to Spiti i saw that everyone suggest travellers to stay at Kaza for 2 nights for exploring Kaza. And for that reason many travellers have to skip Pin Valleys Mudh Village.

Note- Kaza is the capital of Spiti & also the only main hub where one’ll get every possible things. So keep that in mind.

Spiti River at Kaza

Note- One can complete Kaza in one day also by hiring a small cab @ Rs2500 from Kaza taxi stand. Also one can rent a scooty/bike from Kaza Market @ Rs8001200.

Places to coverKaza MonasteryKey Monastery is 12kms & Key Monastery to Kibber & Chicham (Last Village) is 4kms. This two places is on the same route & will take 23hrs max to cover.Come back towards Kaza Monastery after covering Key, Kibber & Chicham. Just before 2kms of Kaza Monastery there is uphill road with a welcome gate for Langza which is 15kms, then Hikkim which is 10kms from Langza & last Komic which is 5kms from Hikkim. This 3 places is on the same route & will take 34hrs max to cover. So if you start early morning with one rented bike/scooty or cab you’ll finish it before 15:00hrs, So that you can catch the 16:00hrs bus for Mudh Village in Pin Valley.

NoteKey is famous for its ancient Monastery. Kibber & Chicham is the last village of that area situated in a high altitude.Beware of Snow Leopard. Langza is famous for its giant statue of Gautam Buddha touching the sky also one can stay one night here for star gazing. Hikkim is famous for its Worlds Highest Post Office & Komic is famous for its ancient Monastery & Worlds Highest Village.

Komic- The world’s highest village

Suggestion– So according to your travel time & all you decide whether to stay at Kaza for one night or two.

Now after exploring Kaza & its surrounding places do come to the Kaza bus stand by 15:30hrs & book your bus ticket for Mudh Village (Pin Valley). It is 45kms road and the cost of the ticket is Rs80. The bus departs at 16:00hrs & reach by 18:00hrs.

  • Stay that night @ Mudh Village

Mudh Village Vlog- https://youtu.be/MmocRVbrb-w

NoteMudh Gaon is the last village of that valley is getting traffic of travellers now a days as the valley with a snow covered mountains can be seen from here very closely. Also one can get to see the glaciers here. The temparature remain more negative here. Its a gateway for two trek a) Bawa Pass & b) Pin Pass. One can go down to the bank of River Pin & chill😊.

Mudh Village- The last village of Pin Valley

Suggestion– One can stay here for couple of days before starting for Losar or Battal / Chandratal.

Note– There is only one bus that departs from Mudh at 07:00am for Kaza. If you miss that bus then keep that in mind that its not easy to see other cab there for hitchhitch.( I walked 19kms and then i got a hitch that dropped me at Kaza). So hitchhike is not so easy there.

After reaching Kaza you have two option either stay that night at Kaza which i’ll not suggest as you already explored Kaza so its better board 16:30hrs bus from Kaza bus stand & reach Losar (50kms) @ Rs- 90. I bet you wil love this journey as you’ll be able to see mesmerizing views. Its a small hamlet surrounded by trans himalayas.

On the way from Kaza to Losar
  • Stay that night @ Losar

Also one can do star gazing at mid night.

Woke up by 05:00am as you need to catch the “KazaManali bus” to reach Battal. The ticket costs Rs46. This bus departs at 03:30am from Kaza & reach Losar at 05:00am.

And you will reach Battal (30kms from Losar) with in next 2hrs via Kunjom La Top. The bus stop here at Kunjom La for 10mins to pay visit to the “Kunjom Mata Mandir” which remains covered under heavy snow glaciers for long 08 months. The road here is very narrow & one of the worlds most dangerous pass you’ll be crossing (not for faint hearted) but very adventurous.

Respect & Salute to all those brave hearted HRTC drivers🤗.

HRTC Drivers!! Respect!! Salute!!

After reaching Battal do meet the famous ” Chacha Chachi ” at their dhaba. They have saved many lifes & also received many bravery award. One can see the documentaries made on them in Youtube. Also one can have some food from there at reasonable rate & also they have a dormitory staying facility at Rs100/bed.

Famous Chacha Chachi @ Battal

Now you need to start for Chandratal which is 12kms from Battal. No bus plies there so either take sharing cab/reserve cab which will cost Rs500 minimum as i asked few there or simply start to trek & hitchhike.

Chandratal– The Moon Lake is situated in a high altitude so keep yourself hydrated & warm.

Chandratal Lake Vlog– https://youtu.be/mhW8-gDm-F8

Once reaching the Chandratal base camp (4kms before the lake) one can be able to see different camps for night stay.

Note– The most cheapest camp is Tenzing Camp. Tenzing is the son of famous Chacha Chachi of Battal. The cost is Rs7001000 with all meals

Note– If you have an own tent then one can camp there also but not near by the lake as per rules.

Sunrise at Chandratal Lake
  • Stay that night @ Chandratal / Battal

Note– To save money you can also stay at Battal at Rs100/bed & can visit Chandratal during the day time.

Note-The bus for Manali is only one time a day and it reaches Battal at 08:30am but it halts there for 45mins for break so ultimately you have time till 10:00am to catch this bus or else you need to spend one more night at Battal.

Note-There is 99.9% no chance of getting a seat from Battal for Manali in that bus.

So prepare yourself with this mindset & board the bus for Manali at Rs171. The bus will halts at Gramphu for food & will reach Manali by 18:00hrs.

Note– Those who like to reach Kaza from Kullu (Origin of the bus) or Manali need to catch this bus from Kullu/Manali at 03:30am & 05:00am respectively. One have to do the prior booking for this bus to get the bus. The cost from Manali to Kaza is Rs299.

Hope you have liked my above blog which will assist you to plan for Spiti trip on public transports accordingly. Still if you have any query or doubts then please feel free to comments below.

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Keep Travelling!!

Extreme Budgeted Home Stays for Spiti Trip!!

Spiti the land of moon. We all wants to do the Spiti trip once in our lifetime, but the budget travelers like me always worry about this trip due to high cost budget for staying there while Spiti. So this blog is only related to the nights stays for Spiti trip.

This blog is for the nomad travellers who were planning for Spiti trip. I just covered Spiti in the month of June’17. W’ll give you all the detail informations regarding night stays while covering Spiti on a shoe string budget.

This will certainly help travellers like me who wants to cover Spiti like a saint traveller.

Routes covered- ShimlaRampurReckong Peo (Kalpa)-NakoTaboDhankarKazaLangzaMud Village (Pin Valley)-LosarChandratalManali.

 So here is the detail informations of extreme budget night shelters.

  • Shimla

Stay at- Shimla Gurudwara

Location- Just near by the Shimla Toy Train railway station

Cost- 0 along with langar food.

Bed type- Dormitory

  • Shimla

Stay at- Rai Sahib L.Puran Mall Dharamshala

Location-Just near by the Shimla Toy Train railway station

Cost- Rs-60

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact- 0177-2652511

  • Rampur

Stay at- Rampur bus stand dormitory

Location- Ground floor of Rampur bus stand

Cost- Rs-100

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact- 09805102771 / 09805173771

  • Reckong peo

Stay at– The Sairag Inn

Location- Just near the Reckong Peo bus stand

Cost- Rs- 100

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact- Mr.Bisht- 09459523100 / 9816580015

  • Nako

Stay at- Lovan Guest House

Location- Just near the Nako car parking a small gompa is also there.

Cost- Rs-100

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact- Lari Lama- 01785236322 /  09418423549 / 09418301696

  • Nako

Stay at- Thakur Kangri Dhaba

Location- Just near the Nako bus stop.

Cost- Rs-100

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact-  Mr.Thakur- 09459480784 / 09459788644

  • Tabo

Stay at– Tabo Monestery

Location– Just near the Tabo Monestery

Cost– Rs100

Bed type– Dormitory

Contact– Mr.Jeet Singh– 09418984340 / 08988107473

  • Dhankar

Stay at- Dhankar Monestery 

Location- Just near the Dhankar Monastery

Cost- Rs-200

Bed type- Dormitory

Comtact- 09418646578 / 09418817761

  • Mudh Village (Pin Valley)

Stay at- Tara Guest House or Snow View Home Stay

Location- Just near the Mudh Village

Cost- Rs- 200 – 300 (Snow view home stay)

Bed type- Tent / Room

Contact- Mr.Padma Sandup- 08988347839 / 08991723015 Mr.Tara- 08988062293 / 09418441453 / 09418427660 / 08991723015 

  • Kaza

Stay at– Wanderer Nest

Location– Just near the Kaza market

Cost- Rs- 200-300

Bed type- Matress with blanket

Contact- Ms.Tania- 09459357754

  • Kaza

Stay at- Kaza Monastery

Location- Just near the Kaza Monastery

Cost- 0

Bed type- Room

Contact- Lama Chhering Chhopel- 08988097358 / 09418925892

  • Key 

Stay at- Key Monastery

Location- Just near the Key Monastery 

Cost- Rs- 250 along with meals

Bed type-Dormitory

Contact- Mr.Anshuk- 09418841170

  • Langza

Stay at- Banjara Camps

Location- Just near the giant statue of Gautam Buddha

Cost- Rs- 400-500

Bed type- Room

Contact- Mr.Kalzang Tharchen / Mr.Lara – 09418537689

  • Losar

Stay at- Seichu Hotel

Location- Just near the Losar bus stand

Cost- Rs- 100

Bed type- Dormitory

Contact- Mr.Rakesh- 08988411938

  • Chandratal

Stay at– Tenzin Camp

Location– Just near chandratal starting point

Cost– Rs– 500600

Bed type– Tent

Contact- Mr.Tenzin– 08988313473 / 08629826772 / 09805151797

  • Manali

Stay at– Devadi Dev Siyali Mahadev Dharamshala

Location- Just near the Manali bus stand

Cost- Rs-30

Bed type- Room

Contact- 01902252130

Hope this will help you all to plan Spiti trip with less worry on night shelters.

Keep travelling!!

Ladakh Trip On Shoe String Budget

Day 1 :- We woke up early in the morning in of the boat house at Dal Lake (Srinagar) and make ourselves ready for one of the most memorable trip of our lifetime.DAY 1


We took a sharing cab from Srinagar Taxi Stand and headed towards Kargil (10 hrs drive) via enchanting Sonmarg and dangerous Zozila Pass (11,575 ft). We started near by 10am from Srinagar and reached Sonmarg by 12:30pm after that started heading towards Leh via Zozila Pass-the mountainous road was very narrow. We reached Drass by 15:30 and ate our drunch (lunch at drass) popular meat & rice and headed towards Kargil War Memorial within next 10min we reached there. It was just next to the Tiger Hill and well maintained by Army after that within next 2hrs we reached Kargil Taxi Stand and we took a hotel for our night halt. The hotel was just near the Taxi Stand facing the Suru River which is flowing towards Pakistan.

Expenditure –

Sharing Taxi for Kargil – 900/person

Hotel at Kargil – 500/ room for 02 persons per night.



Day 2 :- We took a sharing cab from Kargil Taxi Stand for Leh. We started our journey around 10am in the morning from Kargil and reached Futula Pass (13,478 ft). We reached Lamayuru around 13:00am and we requested our cab driver to stop the cab for 30min as we wanted to visit the famous “Lamayuru Monastery”, he asked his other co-passengers and i got really overwhelmed when nobody said NO. We also enjoyed the scenic beauty of “Moonland”. Then we again started towards Leh Via Nimmu (Where Zanskar River meets Indus River and flow towards Pakistan). We came to Magnetic Hill where we feel the magnetic phenomena of gravity how without gear our car rotate its wheels…then we passed by the Gurudwara, Hall of Fame (Army Museum) and Leh Airport and entered Leh Taxi Stand. We took a hotel (Namkha Guest House) just near to the Taxi Stand just opposite to it situated Leh Bus stand.

Note- Leh main market is 20mins walk from this Taxi / Bus Stand. There are many hotels and guest houses at Leh main market also. Even 100rs/bed was also available. So will suggest d’nt book rooms in advance through online or so.

Expenditure –

Sharing Taxi for Leh – 900/person

Hotel at Leh – 600/room for 02 persons per night



Day 3 :- We took a rented bike for the full day as we planned to visit the near by places at Leh. So as per our plan we started around 10am after having maagi along with Ladaki Chai (Also known as Gur-Gur chai a combination of salt & butter with milk).

We took the Leh-Manali highway for visiting “Shey Monastery”. Within the next 4kms it came “Rancho’s School” (Originally known as Druk Padma School) famous for 3 Idiots movie shooting. It is boarding school so be silent while visiting the school premises also we took pics near that building where Chatur from 3 Idiots did susu..the wall is painted on them now. Next we moved to visit “Thiksey Monastery” which came within the next 08kms. After that we headed towards “Hemis Gompa” which is 15kms away from our present location. So in total from Leh to Hemis Gompa the distance is 50kms on the Leh-Manali Highway the all the major sightseeing places we covered. We covered all those by 05pm in the evening and now we headed towards our Hotel in Leh.


Rented Bike – 800/day (6am to 8pm as per Ladakh Bike Union Timings). Note- There are several other bikes also which cost around 1,500/day.

Petrol – 350 Full.

Hotel at Leh – 600/room for 02 persons per night



Day 4 :- We again took a rented bike for the full day for visiting Leh local sight seeing places as you can’t cover Leh full Sight seeing places in 01 day.

This time we took Leh- Kargil -Srinagar Highway for visiting “Hall Of Fame” just after the Leh Airport. It is a defence musuem maintained by Army. After this we visited “Stok Gompa”, from there we headed towards Nimmu for visiting “Gurudwara Pathar Sahib ” and next 08kms for “Magnetic Hill” to feel the phenomena of gravity where i drove my bike without any gear, that’s truly something magic. It was 03pm and we headed back towards Leh for visiting “Leh Palace” ( which resembles (Potola Palace In Tibet) and next to it “Sanchi Stupa”. Again we covered alomost 45kms and we came back to our Hotel in Leh.


Rented Bike – 800/day

Petrol didn’t required as we took the same bike of Day 1.

Hotel at Leh – 600/room for 02 persons per night


 Pangong Lake

Day 5 :- We booked a sharing cab last night from Leh main market area near by “Leh Jama Masjid” for Pangong Lake which is 140kms from Leh. One can also reach Pangong by rental bike.

So we started around morning 8am from Leh for Pangong via Leh-Manali Highway. We reached Changla Pass after 80kms. Changla Pass is the 03rd Highest Motor-able Pass in the World at 17,590 ft. We took some pics and done with our breakfast there at the highest point and again started our journey. We reached Pangong Lake by 13:00pm in the afternoon and we gone straight to the lake which is fully blue in colour due to crystal clear sky reflection above it. We took Yak ride over there. Remember that Yellow Scooter of Kareena Kapoor in the movie 3 Idiots with her Red Helmet. Yes it is there and we took many pics of Pangong. 30% of this lake situated in India rest 70% is in China. There are nothing much to see but one if want can do night halt over there but we came back to our Hotel at Leh on the same day near around 20:00pm.


Sharing Cab for Pangong – 1700/persons (same day return).

Yak Ride – 100/person

Kareena Kapoor Scooty Ride – 50/person

Hotel at Leh – 600/room for 02 persons per night


 Nubra Valley

Day 6 :- We booked a sharing cab last night from Leh main market area near by “Leh Jama Masjid” for Nubra Valley which is 150kms from Leh. One can also reach Nubra by rental bike.

Nubra Valley is the name of the region in which the places should cover i:e; Diskit , Hunder, Sumur & Panamik.

Note- One can also take Sharing Local Taxi from Leh Taxi Stand near Leh Polo Ground for Diskit which will cost around 400/persons.

We started around 11am from Leh for Diskit & Hunder.We reached Khardungla Pass after 40kms. Khardungla Pass is the Highest Motor-able Pass in the World at 18,379 ft. We took some memorable pics and did our breakfast with hot tea and maagi there at the highest point and headed towards Diskit first. We reached Diskit near by 16:00pm and visited Diskit Monastery where one can see the giant Gautam Buddha touching his head in the crystal clear sky almost. Then from there we moved to Hunder which is 08kms. Hunder is the Cold Sand Desert of India. We saw and took pics of two humped bacterial camel over there as this camels were used for transporting purpose over the previous Silk Route of India. One can also do camel ride over here. Panamik is next 50kms from here and we are not interested to see the Hot Spring for which Panamik is famous, so we came back to Diskit and took a hotel for our night halt.One can also take camps/tents for night halt at Hunder but it will due to less budget we prefer to stay at hotel in Diskit which is reasonable than Hunder.


Sharing Taxi for Diskit – 400/persons per way i:e; 800/person both way.

Hotel at Diskit – 600/room for 02 persons per night



Day 7 :- We started early in the morning after our breakfast from Diskit Taxi Stand for Leh and we reached by 14:00pm. As we got some time so we rested for next couple of hours and then visited local souvenirs shops and market, also bought some T-shirts stitched with Ladakh Gompas and many more. We tried out some Ladaki dishes in the evening as our dinner.

Expenditure –

Hotel at Leh – 600/room for 02 persons per night



Day 8 :- We booked a slot for us for the River Rafting at Zanskar River (The 02nd most dangerous river in India that meets River Indus and flow towards Pakistan).

The cab picked up from our hotel and took to Nimmu-30kms from Leh. They gave us the require gadgets and jackets for rafting and before starting also they briefed us the Do’s & Don’ts. The water was ice cold and very fierce. It was an unforgettable experience doing the same. It was a long raft of 29kms which almost took 04hrs to complete. Will recommend to try this adventure sport while in Ladakh. One can contact ‘Wet & Wild Adventure” near Leh main market to book.


River Rafting – 1400/person with Lunch.


 Leh Manali Highway

Day 9 :- We booked our bus ticket last night for Manali via one night halt in Keylong(HP) from the J&K Bus Stand.

So as planned we woke up by 03am in the early morning and boarded the Himachal Pradesh Paribahan Bus and by 04am it started from Leh towrads Keylong.


Bus Ticket – 550/person till Keylong & 200/person from Keylong to Manali. Hotel fare at Keylong Bus Stand – 600/room for 02 persons.
















Char Dham Ki Yatra(My journey by local transports)

May’2017 Yatra

Char dham is one of the most significant yatra of India located in Uttrakhand state. Well it is actually the “Chota Char Dham” of India starts with “Yamunotri”, ” Gangotri”, “Kedarnath” & ends with ” Badrinath”.

Travelling by local transports have its own essence of adventure and i tried to put my best efforts on gathering informations for doing Char Dham on shoe string budgets.

I researched a lot before doing this trip on local cheap budget but the responses which i got mostly from the tour operators were ranging between 15K- 25K. Also i heard that there was no local transporst and all like things.

My Detail Expenditures:-

Rishikesh – Dharashu Bend = 230 bus
Dharasu Bend -(Via-Barkot – Hanumanchatti) – Jankichatti = 120 bus
Hotel = 100
Jankichatti – Barkot = 70 bus
Barkot – Dharasu Bend = 130
Dharashu Bend – Uttar Kashi = 50
Hotel = 170
Uttar Kashi -(Via-Harsil & Gangnani)- Gangotri = 200
Hotel = 100
Gangotri – Uttar Kashi = 200
Uttar Kashi Ashram = 100
Uttar Kashi – Srinagar = 250
Srinagar -(Via-Rudraprayag) – AugustyMuni = 80
AugustyMuni – Gupt Kashi = 100
Gupt Kashi Ashram = 125
Gupt Kashi – Sonprayag = 75
Sonprayag – GauriKund = 20
Kedarnath Tent = 250
GauriKund – Sonprayag = 20
Sonprayag – Gupt Kashi = 60
Guptkashi – Ukhimath = 60
Ukhimath – Chopta = 160
Chopta – (Via-Gopeshwar) – Chamoli = 50
Chamoli – (Via-Pipal Koti – Helang) – Joshimath = 90
Hotel = 150
Joshimath – Badrinath = 170
Badrinath Ashram = 150 x 2days = 300
Mana Sightseeing Cab = 100
Badrinath – Rishikesh = 420

Day 1-Haridwar

My train was late so it took more 6hrs from the ETA to reach Haridwar. It was 20:30hrs the time i came out of the station & started asking the locals for the Char Dham Registration Office at Haridwar rly station. They told us to come tomorrow around 09:00hrs for the registration. Uttrakhand goverment strictly make mandatory registration for the yatra after 2013 heavy flood due to cloudburst. I stayed the night at one of my friends house and next day came to the station & done with the registration within a minute. One need a goverment id for it thats it. After this i went to Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat for a dip in the ganga.

Once done i took a bus for Rishikesh from the Haridwar bus stand which is 45 mins away at Rs35.


Rishikesh is a beautiful city surrounded with mountains all over. The climate is also bit soother than Haridwar as this is the starting point for the Himalayas. I stayed there at a Ashram just near the Laxman Jhula Bridge at Rs-250. 

Suggestion- To stay near the Rishikesh Bus Station prior a day of catching a bus for uphill.

So accordingly i enquired & gathered all the relative informations from the Char Dham Yatra Query point at Rishikesh bus stand. 

Let me clear you the road map for Rishikesh – Yamunotri Dham first. “RishikeshDharashu Bend(7hrs)-Barkot(4hrs)-Hanumanchatti(2hrs)-Jankichatti(1hr)-Yamunotri(Trek Route of 5kms)”.

Remember one important rule while travelling in mountains is to start early & to reach early.

Day 2

The UK gov bus timing for Dharasu Bend is at 04:30am and their was only limited buses. So i reach the bus station around 03:30am and booked my seat from the counter for Dharasu Bend at Rs-230.

I reached Dharasu Bend at around 11:30am after a long 7hrs journey through beautiful mountains. I quickly had some alu-paratha near by the dhaba & waited for the bus to come. 

Note-There are jeeps too but the only problem with the jeeps over there is once the jeep will not get full of 10-12 passengers they will not go and then they’ll start telling you to pay you for the whole jeep and lets go, which is not possible for everyone and by this you’ll be wasting your time too, but still somewhere you have to do this which i’ll share it later on.

In uphill of uttrakhand the bus service was very poor. Its not like other hill stations of India.Once you missed it you may have to wait for next 5-6 hrs or may be sometime for the whole day.

Somehow luckily i got a bus after 2hrs and this bus was going directly to the Jankichatti at Rs-120, the last point for Yamunotri which means i dnt have to worry again for transport for Jankichatti from Hanumanchatti.

It was 18:30hrs when i reached Jankichatti bus stand. It was all surrounded with Himalayas. The peak of Yamunotri can be seen from the bus stand. Lodge persons came to me asking for lodge and i managed to get a cozy lodge with a good view at Rs-200. Its on the starting trek route of Yamunotri only. I went for my dinner down the market and started conversations with the locals for gaining knowledges on how do they survive after this yatra ends at Diwali. I came to know this whole area of Jankichatti used to full of snow for the good 5-6 months and that time they used to shift to down hill. Also i assisted them in making chapatis. After dinner i came back & went for sleep.

Day 3 -Yamunotri

I woke up around 04:00am and came outside the room and it was looking stunning to watch the sky with the himalayas around. I make myself ready for the trek and started at 05:00am for the uphill. As i said from Jankichatti it is 5kms trek with well maintained treacherous hilly road. Note-There are pony,palkis & pithus too who charge as per the govt rates mentioned there for taking & bringing back one who dnt/cant want to trek.

Note- Always carry a windcheater & a raincoat/poncho as the weather keep on changing in himalayas within a seconds. Also a trekking pole/stick to support yourself for moving upward.

Around 08:00am i reached the Yamunotri Dham. This year it opens on 28th April. Before the darshan one should take a dip/bath at the hot water spring just near the temple. Its a natural hot water coming from the underground. The water is too hot to stay inside for more than 2-3 minutes. After having bath i pay my visit to the temple and stayed there for good 1hrs taking pics & feeling the beauty & charm of it. Then started to trek down & came back to downhill to my lodge at around 13:00hrs.

Its time to leave from Jankichatti for Gangotri Dham darshan. So accordingly quickly took my backpack & checkout from the lodge. I was hungry but need to grab a seat in a bus. Meanwhile the bus to Dharashu Bend already left so i boarded on to the bus which will leave me at Barkot. I saw the bus conductor was having his lunch so i too came down from the bus and aksed if i can quickly have some food as i’m empty stomach till morning and he nodded. I quickly had my lunch and the bus started for Barkot at Rs-70. 

Note- Try to came back to Jankichatti bus stand early by 12:00hrs or else latest by 13:00hrs or else there will be high chance of getting no bus from there and need to stay there for one more night.

Around 16:30hrs i reached Barkot & went to the bus stand for bus to Dharasu Bend or Uttar kashi but there were no buses for the day at that time all left. So i came to the Taxi stand and saw a taxi calling for Dharashu Bend i took one seat but it was only 6 peoples at that time, and now i’m aware of the rule of taxi here that it’ll not leave till it gets full of 10-12 passengers. So i waited for more 1.30hrs and 4 other peoples came so now i’m reliefed and the driver starts the engine for Dharasu Bend at Rs-130. The taxi started rushing through some breathtaking meadows. The road from Barkot to Dharasu Bend is a hilly road so try to reach or start from Barkot early as after 19:00hrs the govt close this hilly road till morning.

The taxi reached Dharashu around 19:30hrs and the driver helped me along with some other passengers to get a sharing Taxi from there for Uttar Kashi at Rs-50. It was a 1hrs ride.

Reached Uttar Kashi around by 21:00hrs. It was a very ancient old town located on the bank of river Ganga. There were many Ashrams & hotels near by to stay. I had my dinner & stayed in a cozy lodge at Rs-150. 

Day 4 – Gangotri

Woke up a little late this time & went to the ganga ghat for bath. Its Manikarnika Ghat. The town is beautifully surrounded with hills all over. The water was bit cold but somehow managed to have a bath. Around 11:00hrs i checked out from the lodge and had some breakfast. Then i went to the very famous “Kashi Vishwanath Mandir”for a visit. Its a very old mandir with a giant “Trishul” inside the Garbagriha. 

After mandir i headed staright to the Taxi stand of Uttar Kashi as no buses plies for Gangotri from here, so taxi is the only option. Its not that difficult to have passengers for anywhere in the hills around this time of the morning so the taxi started for Gangotri around 13:30hrs at Rs-200. It crosses among some of the beautiful & remotest hamlets of Himalayas name “Gangnani” famous for its natural hot water spring & “Harsil” famous for its Apple orchids. 

I reached around 19:00hrs and took a lodge just near the Gangotri Mandir at Rs- 200 and kept my backpack & went to have the darshan of Gangotri Dham. This year it opens on 28th April. The temparature must be around 2-3 degrees surrounded with giant mountains all around. There is a shiva mandir as well. After darshan i went down to the ganga ghat. The sound of the waves is like a turbulence here. After that had my dinner from near by went back to the lodge & slept.

Note-For Gaumukh(19kms) & Tapovan(23kms) trek this is the point to start from after having permit from the forest office. I did it.

Note- Its ok to start from Gangotri to Uttar Kashi in the late afternoon also as one can’t be able to get any mode of transportation for further destination like Srinagar for Kedarnath Dham from Uttar Kashi after morning 05:00am.

Day 5 – Uttar Kashi

I woke up around 10am & went to the ganga ghat for bath. Its like having bath from a ice chill water but anyhow dipped myself in that water. Straight from there i went to the Gangotri Dham again for the darshan but during this time of the morning the rush of devotees were so much that i could only pay my visit from the outside and came back to the lodge had some breakfast and checked out from there around 12:00hrs. Now its time to leave Gangotri and to reach Uttar Kashi again the junction point. So i took a seat in a sharing jeep at Rs-200 for Uttar Kashi and reached around 17:000hrs.

Note- One need to book the bus ticket from the goverment bus station of Uttar Kashi for Srinagar for Kedarnath Dham prior one day of the journey or else there were less chances of getting a seat for this long journey. The bus leaves from here every morning at 05:00am.

So accordingly after reaching Uttar Kashi i went to the bus station to book the seat for Srinagar but as i mentioned above the bus was full and i didn’t want to travel standing in the bus for this long journey. But if one want they can travel like this also but no chance of getting seat thats it.

So i went to the Taxi Stand again to ask for jeep but they told that only Srinagar registered jeeps plies from here so that means if today by the evening any jeep from srinagar comes then only it is sure that it will go tommorrow. And also if they get 10-12 passengers then only they’ll go and the timing was only by morning 05:00am. He suggested me to come here by morning 04:00am and try my luck.

Note-In this situation one had options like 1.to wait for a day and book the bus seat priorly, 2.travel by standing in the bus. 3.Try luck coming here at the Taxi Stand.

Let me clear you the road map for Uttar Kashi – Kedarnath Dham.     Uttar KashiSringar(7hrs)-Augustmuni (Via Rudraprayag)(3hrs)-Gupt Kashi (1.30hrs)-Sonprayag(1hr)-Gaurikund(15mins)-Kedarnath(19kms trek).

After that i had my dinner and took the same lodge i took here on my last visit to Uttar Kashi at Rs-150 & slept by setting my alarm by 03:30hrs.

Day 6 – Uttar Kashi

I woke up by my alarm at 03:30am and make myself ready quickly and checked out from there & headed straight to the Taxi stand and after reaching i came to know that there were 2 small families also who were waiting to go to Srinagar which means the passengers were full now but there were no cabs that came from Srinagar yesterday, so we all started requesting in the taxi union office for some miracle help for us as we were the yatris. Atlast they told us ok and shown us the jeep which will take us to Srinagar at Rs-250 (which we negotiated from Rs-300). This time i took the front seat of the jeep and the journey started for Srinagar around 05:30am. Its a long journey of 7hrs via Tehri town which is famous for its Tehri DamAsias biggest dam

I reached Srinagar around 12:00am and for the first time i felt so hot during this trip. Later i came to know that Srinagar is the hottest place of Uttrakhand. I decided to take a dip in the Bhagirathi river to chill for sometime so i asked the local for the near by ghat.

After a dip over there had some quick lunch and asked for bus for Gupt Kashi which will be my next stop for Kedarnath Dham. But no direct buses was available at that point of time(14:00hrs) so asked the local and they suggested to reach AugustMuni and for that i easily got the bus at Rs-80. It was via Rudraprayag and i reached Augustmuni around 17:00hrs. And suddenly it started raining heavily with small pieces of ice falling down. It got dark everywhere for good 1hrs but after that the rains stops slowly so i enquired for jeeps near the Taxi stand as i knew it will be difficult to get a bus right now. After approaching for more than 5-6 jeeps who told no due to the bad weather i got a jeep for Uttar Kashi along with other local villagers at Rs-100 and i reached within 1.30hrs at Uttar Kashi. 

It was 20:00hrs so no chances of getting any transportation for Sonprayag. So i stayed in one of the Ashram there name “Bidya Dham” for my night stay. (The ashram will not ask for any money for staying & food but maximum time the rooms over there were full. Still as a donation i gave Rs-150). The food at the ashram was really superb and after dinner i went for sleep.

Note- The hotel over in Gupt Kashi are little bit expensive from all the previous places i stayed. Ranges between Rs-500-800. Also if one reach Gupt Kashi on time then they can move further to Sonprayag or Gaurikund for staying through jeep or bus.

Day 7 – Gupt Kashi

I woke up by 05:30am and quickly make my self ready and left the ashram and went straight to the Taxi stand. Easily got a jeep till Sonprayag at Rs-75 and reached within an hour. 

Sonprayag is the base camp for Kedarnath and accordingly the official authorities over there asked to see my registration for the first time since i made it from Haridwar. After that they allowed me and every travelers over there to cross the foot bridge to take the jeep for Gaurikund which was 5kms away. I got a jeep at Rs-20 & reached Gaurikund around 10:00am.

Here also there is a natural hot water spring but mostly it was destroyed during the 2013 heavy flood, but still the hot water for bath was made available through a pipe. It means one can take bath by using bucket or mug but cant be able to take dip. So i just take some water from the tap and washed my hand and face and start trekking uphill.

As i mentioned above its a 19kms trek route from Gaurikund to Kedarnath and the trek route level is moderate to difficult.

The trek route for Kedarnath Dham from GaurikundRambara Bridge(6kms)-Jungle Chatti(4kms)-Bheembali(3kms)-Linchauli(4kms)-Kedarnath Base CampKedarnath Mandir(1km).

Note- One can night stay at Bheembali & Linchauli(10-13kms) if one cant able to trek more for the day.

The trek route was newly made after 2013 disaster by NIM (Nehru Mountaineering) with good proper road along with side fences, public temporary bathrooms & local small shops providing night shelters on charges like Rs-200-400 with blankets. The view was amazing with stunning meadows,valleys & waterfalls along with mighty Himalayas.

During my trek i saw the places while on Old Rambara bridge a new Rambara bridge was also constructed beside it. And one can see how the flood came over from the Kedarnath Mandir & destroyed the places but now its all ok and safe to trek. I had some tea & biscuits for energy & continued to trek.

Note- There was many short cut roads from the mountains which i had taken for reaching up early rather than following the trek route. But only who will be capable of this should choose short cuts. But i saw many old peoples too using this.

The weather keep changing in the mountains so better to carry less stuff but a raincoat/poncho, hand gloves, wind cheater jacket a must.

I somehow managed to reach the Kedarnath Mandir around 18:30hrs, which took me 8hrs to trek 19kms. And the temple view was amazing. But before visiting the mandir i started looking for my night shelter & i went to the GMVN(Garwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) tent and i took a bed along with a sleeping bag at Rs-250.

After that i went to the mandir for visit. This year it opens on 3rd May. There was no long queue at this point of time but normal queue which took me 1hr to enter the temple compound & did the sringar darshan. I came outside after the darshan and had some dinner to keep me warm as the temparature out there was freezing cold. Then i went back to my tent which is just near the temple & slept. 

Day 8 – Kedarnath

I woke up around 05:30am and somehow managed to make myself ready as the water was bone chilling. Then i left my tent and went for the darshan again and now the queue was like 2kms long which means the people were standing from the night. I thought if i stand in this line then its not possible for me to return to Gaurikund by evening & i already had the darshan yesterday night but still i wanted to visit the main garbhagriha and to touch the jyotirlinga. So i tried my luck and somehow managed to stand in front of the mandir while noticing that no body seen me. And within a few minute i was inside the mandir compound & did my darshan in the way i wanted. Jai Bhole Ki !!

After this i took some pics & videos and starred at the nature there. I went down to the Kedar Ganga ghat and wanted to have a dip but the water was ice cold but still some of the people over there had bath, i took some water from there and just washed my hand & face and after that i started my trek for downhill.

Note-There were helicopter services as well as pithu,pony & palki for taking the person up & down as per the govt rates. One need to book helicopter in very advance or else most of the time the tickets were not available.

It took me less time to reach Gaurikund, as i started around 07:30am from Kedarnath mandir & reached at 12:00 hrs at Gaurikund. And after reaching i took a sharing jeep for Sonprayag at Rs-20 & then from took a another jeep for Gupt Kashi at Rs-60.

Note-There were direct buses too at that point of time from Gaurikund to Rudraprayag via Gupt Kashi.

After reaching around 13:00hrs i went to that Bidya Dham ashram and luckily i got the room for my night stay for free this time as i have already gave the donation last time here. After keeping my rucksack i rested a bit and then in the evening i went to the Taxi stand and enquired about the the transportation for Joshimath for Badrinath Dham. But what i came to know was that there was no direct bus plies for Joshimath,so one can reserve an entire cab or else do break trips like me☺. The local taxi drivers suggested me to reach Ukhimath from here which was easily accessible. I asked the time of that taxi & went back to the Ashram had food and slept.

Day 9 – Gupt Kashi

I woke up around 07:00am freshen up & left the Ashram for the Taxi stand. I asked for Ukhimath sharing taxi and took a front seat at Rs-60. The mountain that can be seen from Gupt Kashi taxi stand is Ukhimath. Its a small village famous for its MadMaheshwar Yatra, the second Kedar mandir among the Paanch Kedar.

It took 1hr and i reached Ukhimath taxi stand. It was 10:00am and i started asking for cab to Chopta but i got negative replies from the taxi drivers over there that there was no local villagers from the morning for Chopta. They were telling me to reserve it full for Rs-800 which i can’t be able to do. So i started walking towards the highway downhill and within 15mins walk i reached the highway. Just opposite to me there was a “Bharat Seva Shram Ashram” and i went there to ask whats the best possible way to reach Chopta from here. It is a bengali ashram of kolkata and i being a bong the guruji over there told me its really difficult from here at this point of time but he welcomed me to stay there for free and suggested me to catch a early morning bus tomorrow around 07:30-08:00am. He also suggested me to stay at this ashram in Badrinath also. I thanked him a lot but i didn’t want to waste the day so i came back to the highway again and i saw 5 more peoples there standing for taxi to Chopta. So a light of hope born in me but failed to get a taxi for more than 2hrs, atlast i got a milk van who agreed to drop us all to Chopta at Rs-150 each which is ok for everyone and started. The way to Chopta is very beautiful with view of Nandi hills and some enchanting meadows. 

It took almost 3hrs to reach Chopta half an hour more due to road block.

Note-Chopta is famous for Tunganath mandir its the world highest shiva temple at a level of 3680meters above the sea level. Its also the third Kedar mandir among the Panch Kedar. So if one want they can trek 3kms from Chopta to Tunganath & can stay up for that night near the mandir at Rs-100-300. One can also trek more 1km from Tunganath to Chandrashila(4000 meters) to get a 360 degree panaromic views of himalayas. I stayed one night there at Rs-100 and also trekked to Chandrashila.

I started asking for taxi from Chopta to Gopeshwar or Chamoli but again did not got a sharing taxi so i started walking alone on the highway and it was amazing with a bonus of natural views to capture. After walking for 2-3kms i came near by a Ashram named SitaRam Ashram. I’m assured by now that i’ll get a shelter to stay if i dnt get any further transportation but it was 02:00hrs of the day so i started asking for lifts on the highway but failed for more than an hour. Suddenly a bus stopped by me & i told them the problem of not getting any transportation to reach Gopeshwar or Chamoli. They allowed me to come inside the bus. The bus was full with the tourists who were also going to Badrinath but i only told them to drop me at Chamoli (10kms ahead from Gopeshwar) & Chamoli have better connection of cabs & buses for Joshimath.

It took almost 2 and a half hour to reach Chamoli. I paid the driver Rs-50 as a gratitude which i know is very less for 60kms journey. 

It was 17:30hrs and i thought it would be difficult to get any transportation for Joshimath so i went to look for lodges or guest house for my night stay but while crossing the taxi stand i saw a jeep was waiting with passengers almost full for Joshimath. I asked the driver do he have a seat for me & he replied yes. I took a seat and the cab started which cost me Rs-90. And soon i saw the board of ITBP which means this is the only road which goes last to the border area of Indo-Tibet. The road was newly made. My taxi passed through Pipalkoti & Helang and i reached Joshimath around 20:00hrs. 

At this point of time i can’t be able to reach Badrinath which is another 45kms from here as its a hilly road so the police didn’t allow any cab after 19:00hrs. Joshimath is the gateway of Badrinath. I took a lodge at Rs-150,had my dinner & slept.

Day 10 – Joshimath

I woke up a little late as i slept tight. I have not took any buffer day in between for rest. 

Note-One can also visit the 5th last Kedar among the Paanch Kedar which is situated at Helang 22kms back from Joshimath and from there one need to trek 3kms between the grean valley to reach Kalpeshwar. I did this trek too just like i did Tunganath and if one want they can spend a night over there also with the locals.

There was two taxi stand at Joshimath, the first one is for all over Chamoli & also to Rishikesh. One need to walk till the main signal crossing the first taxi stand & from here one will get the taxi for Badrinath.

I came back to Joshimath from Helang a little late so it was 17:00hrs and i got a taxi but it was only 4 passengers including me and i know soon the police will not allow any cab to go uphill so i asked the driver how much will u take in total from us altogether and he said 600 which is not a bad deal at that point of time so i told everyone in the car and they all agreed and soon the cab started at Rs-150 each for Badrinath. The normal fare is Rs-90. It was almost dark outside and soon i feel cold.

I reached Badrinath around 20:00hrs. It was freezing cold. The temparature must be around 2 or 3 degree. The taxi left me just near the Badrinath Taxi Stand and i asked the locals for Bharat Seva Shram which is just 2mins of walk from here. I took a bed at Rs-150 and had some dinner from outside and then slept. 

Day 11 – Badrinath

I woke up early morning around 06:00am and the temparature was just like the same like yesterday night. I went to the bus stand first to ask what is the bus timing for Rishikesh from here the office person replied its only during early morning from 04:30 – 05:30am. The fare of the goverment as well as private buses were same. It costs Rs-420 to Rs-450 and took 12hrs to reach. I asked the counter person can i prebook my bus tickets he replied yes. So accordingly i pre booked my choicable seat at Rs-420 & its a private bus which will leave tomorrow early morning at 05:00am.

I came back to the Ashram and i paid another Rs-150 for tonight. Now its time to go for Badrinath Dham darshan. It was a walking distance of 5mins from the Ashram to the Mandir. 

Around 09:30am i reached the Badrinath Dham and the queue over there was so long that it must be more than a 2kms. Need to hurry up as the temple close its door at 12:00hrs and then it reopens at 15:30hrs till 20:30hrs.

There was a natural hot water spring just like Yamunotri. I took a bath and dipped there for some time which relaxed my body a lot in that severe cold weather. Then i went a long back to stand in the queue. It took almost more than an hour to reach near by the mandir. This year it opens on 6th May. I paid my visit to Badrinarayan Ji. 

And i felt so good that i cant explain in words after successfully completing the Char Dham Yatra.

Then i went to Mana village which is the last village of India having its border with Tibet(China). It is just 5kms from Badrinath. But i took a sharing cab at Rs-100 which also bring me back here. One can see the origin of River Saraswati and Bheempul. One can also trek for Sathopanth waterfall which was a trek of 6kms over the glaciers.


I came back to my Ashram had dinner & slept. 

Day 12 – Badrinath

I woke up around 04:00am & came straight to the bus station and i saw my bus standing there. I already pre booked my ticket as i mentioned. The bus started at 05:30am and i reached Rishikesh around 17:30hrs.

Travelling donot require more money just one need to know the correct way of travelling on budget. 


Trek to Gaumukh & Tapovan (Once in a life-time trek)

I reached Uttar Kashi late evening from Barkot. Once reached found a cheap hotel for my night stay & slept. I woke up early in the morning and gone to the ganga ghat for a dip.The name of the ghat is manikarnika ghat. After breakfast i checkout from the hotel and went to pay a visit to the very famous Kashi Vishwanath Mandir near the bus stand.

Now i have already heard that for Gaumukh trek one do not need guides as mandatory, but for Tapovan one must need govt permit & govt authorised travel agencies guides. 

Some co-travellers were also with me who also wants to trek to Gaumukh.So accordingly we went to the Uttar Kashi Forest Office at Kotbangla. 

Tapovan trek permits is only organised from Uttar Kashi“. It is situated on the Uttar Kashi – Gangotri highway near by the taxi stand. On reaching the office we told them our interest to trek to Gaumukh & Tapovan. (Note-They will always tell you not to go there for bad weather conditions and all. ) But anyhow we managed to impress the officials. Now they gave me couple of official pages where the govt authorised travel agencies names & contact numbers are mentioned and told me to choose from the lists below with whom i wanna go for trek. 

They suggested to give some calls from the lists & check who’s rates better suits my pocket. And i started giving calls to few and what i came to understand from the travel agencies is that:- 

  1. The guides charges is between 1200-1600/day.
  2. Extra 100 rs/individuals commission for making trek permits from the govt offices. (Permit costs for Indians its 150 Inr / 2days & for Non-Indians its 600 Inr/ 2 days).(More than 2 days fine will be 50 Inr for Indians & 250 Inr for Non-Indians).
  3. Guide 3 time meals & night shelter is on us & also his permit.
  4.  They will require minimum 2 days for arranging all those things.

After knowing all those informations we decided to leave Tapovan trek and lets move to Gangotri for Gaumukh trek. Note- Gaumukh trek does’t require any prior permits & guides as well.

So we took a sharing cab from Uttar Kashi & reached Gangotri by late evening. Took a lodge kept our stuffs and went straight to the Gangotri Dham. Now when we already decided to trek upto Gaumukh that time a guy came forward to us & asked if we want to go to Tapovan but we told him the entire story as we know he is throwing bluff. But later on we came to know he is a trek guide in this area for a long time and he took yatris to not only to Tapovan but to Nandanvan also the last point where one can go witbout any oxygen cylinders or masks. He told us that he knew few govt officials here in Gangotri too and we can trek to Tapovan. And without any second thought i asked him his charges and he replied its 1000/day with 3 times meals & shelter which is common everywhere. At last we close the deal with 900/ day & he bid good night while saying he’ll wake up us in the morning for making permits. We all were excited and went under the 2 layers of blanket for sleep. Around 06:30 am he came to us and said pack our take away stuffs if one not want to carry the big rucksack. Also suggested to buy some good woollen socks,gloves,inners as the temparature in Gaumukh &Tapovan can fall at any time. Around 09:00 am me along with him went to the “Gangotri Forest Office” for permits

I carried all my cotravellers goverment id xerox copies. They official asked have i done any high altitude trekking before..& suggested again to avoid Tapovan if u feel the weather is not good. They gave me one form where i filled all the detail informations of mine along with my co-travellers and they officials stamped on it “OK TO GO”!! & handovered a copy to me.

After all this done we done with our breakfast along with the guide in Gangontri near the mandir. Around 10:30am we started our trek by praying for our good journey in the Gangotri temple and crossing it took the stairs for uphill trek. 

Let me clear you all the Route Map:-

GangotriRamMandir(2kms)-Chidwasa(7kms)-Bhojwasa(5kms) night stay-Gaumukh(4kms)-Tapovan(5kms)”.

Till Rammandir & beyond some point after Rammandir there is a proper road. After we reached Gangotri National Park at Rammandir the officials asked us to show us the permit and we shown them. Then they asked for the permit fees which i’m aware of (mentioned above). I have one of my foreigner friend too with me for whom its 600 Inr & we paid the amount and gave us a amount copy. They strictly checked our backpacks & counted the numbers of polythenes/plastics items we were carrying and took 500 Inr as a deposit for this to not to throw it on the way to gaumukh and bring it back here at this point.

Note if someone have any high altitude problem then they may take Diamox tablet prior a day of trekking. Also one can rent a oxygen portable bottle at 150 Inr from Gangotri.

The trek to Gaumukh is very challenging with rocky roads. Sudden adrenaline rushed through out my whole body as i’m now trekking on the roads that goes to my Him❤layas. While trekking one can see many peaks of himalaya. Gaumukh is basiclly an ice glaciers situated beneath the Shivlinga & Bhagirathi mountains. Gaumukh means the mouth of a cow in a hindi term which is the source of origin of River Ganga.

The road is very narrow some time that only one person can cross it at one time. But i have no words for such astonishing views along with the river Bhagirathi flowing downs. 

I saw many wild life creatures during ny trek as they all known as Himalayan Rat,Mirik,Birds,Lizards etc, and they eat Tulsi leaves which is all around and can only live in this bone chilling climate & used to eat ice.

I done with my 14kms trek for the day &  reached Bhojwasa. There were 2 night shelters 1.Lal Baba Ashram & 2. GMVN guest house. We choosed to stay at Lal Baba Ashram at 350 Inr with all the meals. 

I took a glass of hot tea and started gazing at the pure pollution free bluish sky and the Gaumukh mountain is just near by. We were served dinner at around 19:30 hrs rice roti dal & a sabji which taste yummy at this point of Himlaya. I covered myself with 4 layers of cloths. Soon it started falling snow for some time. We all went for sleep taking 2-3 layers of blankets.

I suddenly woke up around 05:00am for the urge of visiting the loo. So i took my torch and came out to and boy oh boy !! I was mesmerised for some time watching the glance of the sky which looks so beautiful with lots & lots of stars all around which looks like Milky Way. It is because Gaumukh is situated on a 3500mts above sea level with no pollutions & all. I called my other buddies to watch it & but cant be able to keep myself stand outside for more time to watch the e due to heavy cold. 

Its 07:30 am and i some how get some hot water for brushing my teeth or else i thought i’ll be not be brushing today. Have a roti with a tea and just started our trek for Tapovan via Gaumukh. The officers present in Lal Baba Ashram called all the yatris and suggested us all that uphill the weather was severely bad and the glaciers can break down or fall down taking you at any time.But there were many travellers from around the world who came here for Tapovan but no one dares to go agaisnt the nature taking ther risks of life. Our guide came to us & ask whether we want to trek to Tapovan or not & we decided to not to go to Tapovan & to do it till Gaumukh. (So its not a fault of our guide & we paid him accurately).

So we started our next 4kms for Gaumukh.The road from here is little bit tough as in many cases we need to hold the rocks and then push our body upwards. After reaching 2kms there were a shiva linga mandir where a Baba resides. And we can see the ice-glaciers now in front of out eyes. We reached the last point of Gaumukh just near to me its all covered by glaciers. We spended a good 2hrs there chanting mantras, taking yoga shots, making videos & just to feel it for a lifetime. I want to have bath here near this Gaumukh point but due to the glaciers cant be able to go down. We came back to the shiva linga mandir and from here i touched the bhagirathi river water and it was like i got a frost bite in my finger the water was so chilled.

And we bid adieu to Gaumukh came back at Bhojwasa Ashram had little lunch & trekked down for Gangotri. Reached Gangotri around 20:00hrs.

I’ll suggest to every fit travellers & trekkers to trek to Gaumukh & Tapovan once in their life time. 

Here is the link of my video on Gaumukh that i published on youtube. (Copy the link and paste it in youtube & search).


Stay Tuned !! Keep Travelling !!

Brij ki Holi @ Mathura & Vrindavan

Celebrating Holi in a traditional way in the Holy city of Mathura & Vrindavan was my dream for so many years. But this time i made it and it really turned out as a overwhelming experiance.

I’ll try to portray a clear idea and things to do at Holi in Mathura on this blog.

The actual Holi starts here a week before the calender date in Mathura and in other places here. As there are different types of Holi used to be celebrated here.

If you need to enjoy & cherish it fully then you must plan your Holi Trip accordingly.
Types of holi are like,
Laatmar Holi in Nandgaon & Barsana- its a old tradional way of beating the mens who used to come to Barsana to play Holi with village womens.
Phoolonwali Holi, Pagal baba ashram wala Holi & etc.

I boarded my train and reached early morning at Mathura after a long journey of 44hrs on train on 12th Mar’17.
I was here for the next 4days so i planned to stay at Vrindavan on my first 2days then last 2days at Mathura. So i took a sharing auto from outside the mathura railway station at Rs-20 for Vrindavan which is 12kms.
The auto dropped me at the “attara chowk” the main highway connecting Mathura to Vrindavan. Its really tough to find out budgeted hotels at this point of time almost all the hotels are on sold out positions. I look after some Ashrams & Dharmashalas and at last checked in to a Dharmashala at Rs-200/24hours. Recommended if your planning with your families then do book your hotels a month before, but if you are a abid wanderer like me😎 then just come here you’ll definetely going to get some place to just spend your nights. I rested a bit and freshen up. I have bought an old pajama and a new white tees with me for playing Holi here and i wore that and headed towards the old streets of Vrindavan. Firstly i had some mouthwatering famous “kachoris” with sabji and few “jalebis” from a local street shop. I wanted to visit Nandgaon (The birthplace of Lord Krishna) & Barsana (The birthplace of Maa Radhe), so accordingly i booked myself a sharing auto at Rs-200/person (Vrindavan- Barsana – Nandgaon -Vrindavan) with other 3tourists who also luckily was going to visit those places. The distance from Vrindavan to Barsana is almost 45kms and then Barsana to Nandgaon is again 10kms. Within 1.30hrs i reached Nandgaon with my other 3 travelmates who became my friends now while chitchatting in auto. Its a small village of typical Uttarpradesh, cozy streets leads us to the Radha Rani Temple. Holi celebration was already started in a festive mood here with dhol and other musical instuments. Travellers from all around the globe was dancing together & playing holi with immense joy. I too dance on the beat of dhol played by a local boy with other peoples there. One can see the full ariel view of Barsana village from this temple. After enjoying for more than an hour i moved forward with my other 3 mates for Nandgaon.

Within half an hour i along with my friends reached Nandgaon, but there was not so much happening at that time,so  without wasting our time we started looking for Bhang shop. And we found one Govt approved bhang shop by asking locals there, so bought it and had it with nearby sugarcane juice😊. Dnt need to describe about bhang as i believe we all know it what it is and Perferct Holi celebration is incomplete without having a glass or glasses of bhang😂😂.

We reached around 18:00hrs at vrindavan and that 3 guys also accompanied me for the next two days in the same ashram. And we partied that night in the near by dhaba on the highway then came back at late night and just slept.

We woke up early morning and rushed towards Banke Bihari Mandir. The streets was full of “Gulaal Gangs”. The mandir is just 5mins walk from our place. As we were on the streets, peoples used to throw gulaal and colours on our faces. From the rooftop above us locals used to throw bucket full of colour water and water ballons on us, actually not only us to all the peoples on the street.
We somehow managed to reach the Banke Bihari Mandir as there were so much rush towards the mandir compound. I was overwhelmed & astonished by experiancing Holi been played inside the Mandir premises just in front of the idol of Lord Krisnna. The whole mandir is full with gulaal and almost everyone dancing on the chant “Govindo mero hai… Gopalo mero hai…shri banke bihari…nande lal o mero hai”…

Really enjoyed a lot inside the temple and after that came out to the street to enjoy some more and had a glass of chilled lassi a famous drink which is must try while in mathura.

We came to our place around 14:00hrs after enjoying Holi and make ourselves comfortable for a bit and then took a warm bath for some relaxation. Now again we are on the streets of vrindavan still the Holi fever is not at all completed for the day but the road were almost vacant and covered with colours & gulaal all over the streets. We took an shuttle auto for Mathura now to eye witness “Holi Ka Dahen”. We all were empty stomch from the day so we asked the auto driver to drop us near a  nonveg reastaurant as its bit difficult to get a non veg food in vrindavan. As it is the driver ask us to drop down at “D Gate”, it is 3 way road one goes towards Holi Gate for Dwarkadesh Mandir,one goes to Krishna Janmbhoomi & Mathura railway station and the another the way we came from Vrindavan. From the very chowk here one can see the restaurant named “Taj Mahal” towards the Holi Gate way. We entered and ordered like we didn’t had food for days😂😂. The food was really mouthwatering here we finished 2 plates of whole tandoori,1 plate of Chicken & Mutton Korma each with Tandoori Roti & Jeera rice and ended up Kheer & Bundi ki Raita. And it costs us only Rs-600 that means Rs-200 each as we were 3 persons that time coz that two buddies from hydrabad left for their hometown, and i got to know a new solo traveler.

We then came out and proceed towards the Holi Gate and we saw the sreets were baricatted by the local police due to Holi procession. This colourful Holi procession happen every year just after the Holi festival get over in Vrindavan and for that reason we came here. So instead of taking any autorickshaw we prefered to walk down the Holi Gate & Vishram Ghat. But after a few minutes of walk we stopped and amazed by seeing such a huge Holi rally which is actually out there to do a Parikrama of Dwarkadesh Mandir. Here are some of the pictures for you all.

We atlast reached the Holi Gate which have a clock on its top. Its actually a old cozy road of mathura which used to have this gate for entry towards Dwarkadesh Mandir & Vishram Ghat. Its a 1km walk from Holi Gate to the Mandir and so walked. Walking down the street here we saw how old was the buildings here with nice sculptures on it. Its 17:30hrs the time we reached the mandir and it was closed for the day.
Note: All the mandir here in Mathura & Vrindavan opens from morning to afternoon 12:30hrs then it reopens again from 15:00hrs to 17:30hrs during festive seasons it opens till 20:00hrs last.
So we moved towards the Yamuna bank named as Dwarkadesh Ghat or Vishram Ghat as Lord Krishna here after killing Kangsh. As we came near to the ghat area an old man came near to us and said he’ll show us the all the major point from his boat @ Rs-200. I know it is not a good deal as i can hear other boatmans keep calling us for Rs-50, but we can’t be able to say no to that old man and stepped in his boat for a ride. He shown us mainy unknown places & temples from his boat. There is a mosque which now is a mandir and another is Kangsh Samadhi. We captured many beautiful photographs of sunset and other places from the boat which really gives us a perfect click. It was almost a 45mins ride on the river Yamuna which turned up to be a really amazed one. One should must try this ride while in Mathura.
After the ride we sat for more time to see the yamuna aarti which happen sharp at 18:30hrs at Dwarkadesh Ghat. People were doing aarti and placing the butter lamp on the river after wishing. The pujaris of the temple came near by the river with lots of butter lamps for aarti.Really worth watching.

After that we took a sharing auto from D Gate for Prem Mandir a huge mandir belongs to Lord Krishna. One should visit this mandir at evening only to watch its colour beauty. The whole mandir changes its colour within every few seconds which is really impressive to watch.

Its the end of our day 2. We came back to our place ordered some alu paratha from the near by restaurant for our dinner. Tomorrow my other & only mate will alao left the city so from tomorrow i’ll be a solo traveler again. We bid good night to each other and slept.

We woke early morning and after freshen up checked out from Vrindavan. Took a sharing auto for Mathura railway station as my mate had a train to catch and i dropped near the D Gate for another remaining last session of Holi at Dhwarkadesh Mandir. But i’m little bit afraid thinking about my tonight’s night stay at Mathura. Yesterday i seen few ashrams and dharmashalas near by the Mandir area. The locals already started mixing colour in ballons & water bucket as Holi preparation. Some of the few kids already started playing. I came near by the mandir and just few steps away there is a calcutta dharmashal. I asked for a room and the gentleman said this is for Bengali’s  and oh gosh by fate i’m a bengali😂 and i took the key for Rs-100ight. Later i asked the gentlemen is it only for bengali’s he replied no he said he dn’t have enough rooms available thats why he told me that, its actual open for everyone. Its a dharmashala so dn’t expect much but yes it do have a bed to sleep which is enough for me.
I kept my rucksack and locked the room and came outside. And yes its started whole heartedly outside. The mandir will open by 09:30hrs so its the drama is all now on the road near the mandir. Lots of foreigners were there who came long away to capture moments & to feel the traditional Holi beat here. I entered the mandir premises and there were no space for me to even stand properly. Oh gosh but somehow managed and the people all over there are throwing gulaals on one another as a greetings. I also started chanting loudly “Haati Ghoda Palki…Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki” , “Radhe Radhe Bolo Radhe”, etc
.and started dancing on the beat. In some time the doors were open for darshan of Lord Krishna though its too much rush at that moment but anyhow had a glance of the lord. I too few pictures & done videos. I saw two three indian travellers who were standing next to me were asking other traveller there till what time this celebration will continue inside the mandir and i heard he replied till 14:00hrs. So they decided to leave for some other place outside to enjoy more and they welcomed me when i asked them if i can join them. Its time to decide where we can & i instantly suggested to pay a visit to the near by Mandir name “Krisha Janmabhoomi”. So we started walking down the street while the kids were throwing bucket full of colour water on us from the above and few of us throwing colour ballons on us. We reached the mandir which is just near the D Gate. It was almost 12:00hrs so i’m afraid as most of the mandir close here by this time, we kept our shoes & mobiles in the cloak room & started running to visit the mandir before it close. Here one can witness the actual prison(jail) where Lord Krishna was born. The huge mandir is actually built around the prison cell and thats why it named as Krishna Janmabhoomi. The mandir is built just next to a mosque(Shahi-Eidgah Mosque) and there is a partition between the mandir & the mosque area which is very sad to see being a non believer of any religions. It’ll just like the India- PaK border, as photography is banned so i couldn’t able to capture any picture of  that. Anyhow we are blessed to see the main mandir (Prison) one but the door of the big mandir was closed by that time. We came out and had some sweet lassi & pedha the all time favourite of Mathura.

We came back to Dwarkadesh mandir and again enjoyed the same for next an hour.. Now the rush been decreased and seen the idol properly. Its time to have a bath and notning stucked me first than to dip in the  near by yamuna river. I was alone by that time(solo). Took a boat @Rs-10/per way that drops me at the opposite bank as one can dip properly one the opposite bank. I feel really refreshed after a having a bath on yamuna river. After that i went to my room(ashram) have food from near by and slept..slept & slept.

The last day of my trip with limited time as i need to catch my train in the afternoon. So without wasting my time i’m on the street and took an auto for “Nidhivan”. Nidhivan is known as the Gods own abode. Nidhi means Treasure & Van means forest. The land of the temple here is dry though there are huge bushy forest covering the whole area. Interesting thing is that all the trees are hollow here & their branches are twisted downwards like one living being pay respect to their lord. The mandir have a beautiful statue of Lord Krishan & Maa Radhe. The mandir is only open till the dusk and after dusk no one is restricted to enter the place. It is believed that at night the tree used to lit up as the trees are just like “Gopiyas” to welcome Lord Krishna & Krishna bhagwan used to play “RaasLeela” here with Maa Radhe & Gopiyas. Some locals have also heard some mystrious sounds near by the temple at night, few persons had tried to watch exactly what happens here at night but they have either dead or gone mad. One can check on youtube on go through certain blogs on it so yes i also agree the same from my end.

After Nidhivan, i went to the near by Vishnu(Balaji) Mandir which is taken care mostly by the south indian peoples here. It was great mandir. Really worth watching it.

My last on the list was ISKCON mandir, tool an auto and reached there wihin 10mins. I have been to many ISKCON mandir in India, but for me this one is the special one as Lord Krishna was born here. Nothing to describe much about this mandir as morw or half  we all have been to ISKCON once in their own cities.

It was really an awesome trip of mine, which i suggest you all to do once in your lifetime during Holi which adds special flavour on it. I went to the station boarded my train and bid a good bye kiss to Mathura & Vrindavan.
Stay tuned for my new blogs.

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